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This protocol is anecdotal—we have not applied a rigorous scientific approach—we had a single sample, no control, and no supporting data (follow up radiographs/biopsies, etc). Our data is based solely on a single fourteen year old dog who remained extremely comfortable and active for ten months after diagnosis.

Options that we utilized (amounts are based on our 40 pound dog):

Artemisinin: We alternated between Holley, Allergy Research Group/Nutrology or Wellcare Pharmaceuticals (the Hepalin, a synthetic blend) and pure Artemisinin. We also used the 2-4 mg/kg day with a large dose (100mg/kg) once a week. We gave him 1-2 days off and then back to the low dose for 5 days. There are several research papers out there with differing opinions so pick one that seems right for you. Give the artemisinin on an empty stomach.

Low/no carbohydrate diet: Raw mix of ground chicken backs, eggs, buffalo liver, green and orange veggies, beet pulp (sugar removed) and about 5% oats. We also give fish or beef.

Metacam (or Piroxicam or other NSAIDS): SID—slow tumor growth/metastasis through COX2 dependant routes and provide pain management benefits.

Tramadol: SID or BID as needed for comfort

Vitamin C: (high dose) 2-5 grams/day. Avoid ascorbic acid.

Turmeric: New Chapter Turmeric Force 80-120 mg/kg

Cat’s Claw

Tetracycline:  We did this for the first few weeks and then stopped. Has been shown to slow osteosarcoma.

Butyrate: available at Holleypharma and has been shown to enhance the effects of artemisinin. Data found in Anticancer Research 25: 4325-4332 (2005) and Cancer Letters 91 (1995) 41-46

Gastric Calm

Activated mushroom complex: (increases NK cell activity) New Chapter Host Defense 2-3 caps/day.

Multi-vitamin with general immune boosting: Country Vitamin Wellness Defense. Half human dose daily.

Essiac Tonic: We are getting this from the co-op and giving one capsule SID for 2 months.

Fish oil:  1-2 grams every other day

Flax oil/Cottage cheese: 1 TBS FO and 2 TBS of cottage cheese 2-3 times a week. .


Options we did not utilize but are worth considering:

Limb sparing surgery



Chemotherapy (Cisplatin, Carboplatin, Doxorubicin, etc.)

Palladia: the first canine specific anti-mast-cell medication approved by the FDA.  It was not available when Loki was alive, but is worth researching.  



Photodynamic therapy / Hyperthermia

Neoplasene (herbal, some are finding effective)


Good sources of additional information:

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  6. I think you did a great job writing Our Canine Osteosarcoma protocol. Bravo.

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  8. I never ever post but this time I will,Thanks alot for the great blog.

  9. October 8, 2012 at 5:15 pmI’m so sorry about Bruno how is he doing ? My Rottweiler Fizz had Bone Cancer in her hind leg she was 6 at the time, When Fizz was diagnosed I cemelptoly broke down, she was my baby and I adored her, but she showed me over the time from the date she was diagnosed to the date she went to heaven. How truly amazing an animal can be and over time I have realised that she has taught me more in her short 6 years than I had learned in my 40 .. and we say that we are the most intelligent thing’s on our planet ? Fizz had her leg amputated and was walking the next day ! She in fact walked the entire outside of the vet’s surgery, while being cheered on by firemen who were outside doing a training exercise ! She then had 3 Bouts of chemotherapy and was amazing through it not only did she never once look ill ?? She would lie on the table for 2 hours without sedation while they put 2 lines in her front legs and she did not move once !!! She finally past a lil bit over a year from her diagnosis and she past all my vet’s prediction’s ! She past when she was ready too and not before and I think that is something we all would prefer. I know that the last year of her short life may have been her defining part. The stage where everyone who knew her really began to acknowledged how remarkable she was. Because she was much more than an illness, she will always be and will always remain my Best Friend and I don’t think I will ever get over losing her, but I think that it may be helped by the telling of her Story and by the helping of others, So I started a Blog so people will have somewhere to come and chat or just vent I hope that Bruno is doing well and just enjoy your time with him and make some amazing memories as it’s these lil stories that help us cope in our darkest times Love to you, Bruno and family xxx

  10. Will this be applied with Poorly differentiated bladder cancer with large amount of mets to pelvis ?

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