Apr 302010

It is difficult to believe that ten years have passed since we raised the “Litter of the Law.”

We put together video and photos of a few highlights of their lives so far, and thought some of you might enjoy seeing it.  It is simultaneously too long and too short, as it is difficult to capture ten years of the lives of eleven puppies without making a very, very long movie…

 April 30, 2010  Posted by at 6:27 pm

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  1. Happy Birthday to all…! What a charming and beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing it.

    (p.s. Sorry about the stamps.)

  2. Wonder how the runt of the litter is doing? Saw her (him?) in the beginning of the video. She looked very different from the rest: white, small, and with a round little head and a long tail. Hope she grew up to be a big, healthy dog.

  3. The tiny female puppy grew up to be a perfectly healthy, beautiful, and very happy dog. There are pictures of her as an adult later in the video at 3:45 running in the snow, 9:13 holding a tennis ball, and 9:20 playing with a small white dog. Interestingly, she was not born the smallest: she was 11oz. Average litter weight was 11.95oz, average for female puppies was 11.5oz Extremes were 14oz and 10oz, both boys. A few weeks later, all the others had grown while she stayed small, and we were briefly worried that she had a shunt or other physical problem, but she did not, she just stayed tiny for a few months, but eventually grew to be 23″ tall and 48 pounds, which puts her right in the middle of the breed standard…

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the video and will pass this joy-filled link on to friends. One question, are these Dutch Shepherds or maybe Begian Shepherds Malinois? Thanks, L

  5. Simply wonderful in every way. Thank you!

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